The World's Safest Condensed Aerosol Generators.

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The New line of X-Tinguish® Fixed Aerosol generators have been engineered
to be the safest most robust units of their type today.
Each XT unit is simply efficient and safe. During a deployment, the casing remains at a temperature you can touch. All casing is made of the highest grade Stainless steel available. The science is in the unit and the results are proof of that. 


Total weight.                 2.5kg. / 5.8lbs.

Compound weight       250g

Volume coverage         2.5m³  (88.3Cu.Ft.)

Discharge time             45 seconds

Activation method        Electrical

Dimensions                   3.54” (9cm) x 7.48” (19cm.)

Operational Temp.       -40°C(-40°F) to 70°C (158°F)

Toxicity                          None

Specific Gravity            1.2 - 1.5 gr/cm3

Combustion velocity    1.1-1.2mm/sec.

Aerosol color:                white/light grey

Shell                               Stainless Steel

Shelf Life:                       15 years


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X-Tinguish® Fire Suppression Systems for Transportation

X-Tinguish® Fire suppression systems for transportation can be installed throughout any gas or diesel vehicle as well as battery cell protection in electric vehicles.

X-Tinguish® Fire suppression systems for transportation are all non-pressurized. The units are totally self-contained and unlike many fire suppression systems for transportation, they do not require storage tanks. Our systems are engineered to have a small footprint, need very little maintenance, and are extremely easy to install. To date, X-Tinguish® Fire suppression systems for transportation are installed in hundreds of vehicles including buses, trucks, heavy equipment, cars, vans and mining equipment.

X-Tinguish® Fire suppression systems for transportation are effective against Class A ,B ,C and K fires. Utilizing heat detection, when the installed detector detects a preset heat factor, the system is triggered into alarm and the entire enclosure is totally flooded with X-Tinguish® Aerosol.

All systems are available with heat detection, electrical harnesses, mounting hardware, control panels and X-Tinguish® aerosol generators.